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Tesla Model 3/Y Smart Key Job Key Card Modification

Tesla Model 3/Y Smart Key Job Key Card Modification

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Tesla Model 3/Y Smart Key Fob Specifications:
Material: High quality ABS+PC materials
Fitment: Tesla Model 3 2017-2023/Model Y 2019-2023
Color: Black / White/Grey
Unlocking method: induction recognition (B-pillar)
Tech: NFC Smartphone and Computer Operating System (OS) Support: Android, iOS
Embedded With Original Car Chip: Car model keys into the Tesla original car card key core production, induction identification. Can not be copied, no security loopholes, induction identification unlocking, away from cell phone unlocking APP.
Features: Lightweight and easy to carry

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How to Activate Tesla Key Ring?

1. Click on the bottom left corner of the touch screen control (vehicle icon) - Lock - Key - "+"

2. Place the key on the key reader behind the cup holder, scan the [new] key for vehicle identification, and then remove the key

3. Scan the "certified" (i.e. fully usable) card key or remote control key on the key reader behind the cup holder

4.After completion, the key list on the touch screen will display the newly certified keys.

Common Question

FAQ 1. Is the car model key safe?

1.Each car model key is made from a chip inside a Tesla card. Cannot be replicated with high security.

2.After purchasing the car model key, it must be authorized by the original owner's key to match it to the vehicle, and cannot be used without authorization from the original key.

3. The use of car model keys does not affect the use of the original keys, and a car can be matched with multiple keys.

FAQ 2: What is the working principle of car model keys?

1. Like the card key, swipe the B-pillar sensing area to unlock and lock the vehicle.

FAQ 3: Do I need to place it in the central control sensing area when driving?

1. No need, Tesla's new system only senses the unlocking of the vehicle and shifts gears within two minutes to drive directly; Even if it takes more than two minutes, it only needs to be brushed once in the central control sensing area, and there is no need to keep it in the central control sensing area.