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Tesla Model 3/Y Side Door Water Cup Holder Expander

Tesla Model 3/Y Side Door Water Cup Holder Expander

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【Compatible Models】 Evtesparts inner side door cup holder is specially designed for Model Y and Model 3. suitable for small water cups, coffee cups, cola, etc.

【Stability】Model 3/Y must have accessories. Evtesparts cup holder can hold cups, bottles and mugs stably in place without tipping or spilling, just like holding by hands. in the process of driving, the water cup holder is does not produce noise,and keep calm and comfortable.

【Quality Materials】 made of solid alloy and thick plastic and the silicone coaster on the will not produce noise during driving.

【Easy Installation & Clean】Original vehicle screw hole installation, no need for drilling, non-destructive installation; Our cup holder of car door can be washed directly with water, and then clean it with a towel or paper towel, and you can use it directly. Equipped with installation tools.
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